What is Weline?

Weline is both an application system and an ecological platform.
Weline is a global distributed security network based on SDVN technology. As long as customers connect to the Internet, they can quickly and safely access any resources of the Internet at anytime and anywhere. Weline provides some very useful tools. It is decentralized, customers can use it to connect to the micro servers and webcams in the office or at home, to work with customers and colleagues, to chat and share resources with friends and family members, and so on. They don't need to worry about the disclosure of trade secrets and private information.
Weline is also an open ecological platform. It provides all kinds of open sources’ SDK and API from Linux, windows, Mac OS, IOS to Android system. It provides decentralized global security network link capability for the software and hardware used by its partners and makes it possible for everything to be connected infinitely.

Connecting with no boundaries

Customers, applications, hardware and data can be connected to each other, breaking the limitations of traditional network communication technology.


Communicate with all kinds of resources on Weline at anytime and anywhere, without worrying about geographical restrictions

Safe and reliable

Ultra-high-strength encryption algorithm to ensure the safety of data transmission and storage

Access to all platforms

Perfectly support for windows, MAC OS, IOS and Android platforms

Adapting to various cases

Adapt to various current and future application cases such as AIoT, remote interaction, data storage, and free networking

Development mechanism

Provide DAPP, SDK, DOCKER and other docking solutions to quickly complete application deployment

Videos display

Customers Evaluations

Support all platforms

Link your digital life without boundaries

Android smartphone/tablet PC

Support ANDROID 6+;

Windows PC

Support Windows 7+;


Support MAC OSX 10.10+;


Requires IOS10+;

Smart TV/Projector

Support ANDROID 5+; smart TV/Projector only

MP Addon

Support Android 5.0 +

Ecological Alliance

The following rankings are in no particular order