change log (21/6/2021)
mac (
1.Fixed some known bugs;
2.Optimize upload and download functions;

change log (15/4/2021)
mac (
1.Added select folder download function´╝Ť
2.Added file rename, copy, paste and other file management functions;
3.Fixed some known bugs;
4.Optimize login user lists and other functions;

change log (29/3/2021)
mac (
1.MacOS 11 Big Sur system UI adaptation;
2. Device type icon optimization;
3. The file upload record shows the directory type;
4. Optimize user experience;

change log (22/3/2021)
mac (
1. Optimize the user experience;
2. Introduction and display optimization;
3. Select the equipment to automatically reconnect the upper and lower lines;
4. Download optimization and file management page optimization;

change log (12/3/2021)
mac (
1. Added online upgrade function;
2. Optimize the experience of uploading and downloading
3. Fixed some known bugs